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Why use Becave?

Becave is the solution to the problems of both owners and tenants.
It’s the only rental management platform, that automates every step of the process and lets you deal with everything online.

Simple Agreements

It works both ways. Owners can invite tenants to their properties and tenants can invite owners of properties they’d like to rent. Everything is done in-app, in just a few clicks.


No deposit, no broker fees

We’ve killed the additional costs that have always been a pain. Properties rented through Becave are protected by a comprehensive insurance policy, so there’s no need for a deposit anymore. Also, since the app handles all formalities, you don’t need to pay any brokers!


Be free

Live life, enjoy the flexibility Becave gives you. Want a better place for the same money? Something with a better view? Closer to work? Can do. We believe this is exactly what rental is supposed to be about. Enjoy the changes!


We help

If you’re looking for a perfect place, we’re here to find it. If you’re having troubles letting your property, we’ll assist and advise to boost your chances.

Landlord Benefits